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When the Truth can no longer be Covered Up

When the Truth can no longer be Covered Up

Sometimes I wonder if I'm better off walking around with my head towards the ground and headphones in my ears. Is it best for me to not watch the news and walk around clueless but I think we all know the correct response to these thoughts...No.

We can't in good conscious just ignore what is distasteful just because it will make things more convenient for us.

I watched the Obamas say goodbye and I cried. In those tears I was also inspired because as they so beautifully put it, what is act stack is bigger than just one person and one thought. Unity and Love is what will pull us through. So I gathered my thoughts and refreshed my page.

Dear America,

I see that now I must face the facts and my time of mourning has come to pass. I can no longer afford to invest my time and energy in the shock I've been feeling over some disappointing news. I must instead in good faith hope for the best while taking steps to make the changes only I can control.

Some continue to say "this is nothing new" while I shout back "that may be so but I will not sit idly by and let poor actions just roll off my back".

Where once I was not ready, willing or able to engage in a "conversation" about human kindness across the board, that is totally what I will be presenting to you if you come at me sideways with some closed minded comments or remarks.

Making statements and then adding the word BUT to your point already throws out the window the comments you said before hand.

-they may be good kids BUT why were they hanging out in that corner?

-wow they did a great job in my kitchen BUT they shouldn't be in this country

-she seems like such a smart girl BUT how many kids does she have?

-they have great jobs and paper work looks good BUT I don't want them in my neighborhood

Statements like "they" are all the same or "they" are out to get us or "they" can't be trusted will no longer fly. We now live in a Social Media world a Camera out at any opportunity and if you think that it will not be used to its full extent you are wrong.

Access to information is readily available to any and all who no longer wish to walk around blindly. Years of your propoganda of greatness is crumbling. I see and hear it in the actions and words of our youth. I have faith in "them" and the thoughts and ideas "they" carry in their hearts today.

Yes America will be great but not again, not like it once was and not like we have settled for it to be it will be great because the blinders somehow someway will be pulled off. Bcause the Truth can no longer be Covered Up.


I don't just want to be a Bystander

Share your thoughts, what do you think? Do you feel that as a society we actually help more or do we hurt more with our use of Social Media? Are we quick to say what's on our minds because "everyone" is doing it or does that fact actually make you think twice?

Always stress free xo,


Stay informed, that is your true Power

Stay informed, that is your true Power

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