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Stay informed, that is your true Power

Stay informed, that is your true Power

My lovelies, so many emotional events these past few days. How is everyone holding up? I was overwhelmed by Alicia Key's speech as I caught a replay of it. "We will not allow our bodies to be owned or controlled by men in Government or any where for that matter." "We value Health Care, Education & Equality."

Those words and so much more to be proud of from women of all walks of life not just celebrities.  Older Women who marched and carried signs "I can't believe I am still fighting for this S***!."

I can't recall a time of such visible uncertainty in people's faces where ever I go. I see it in the stores, in the parks, as parents pick up their kids or as couples are out having dinner. No one feels safe about what is to come.

I've talked about this so many times I just don't understand why? Why do I have to explain what I do with my body? Why do I have to ask to be treated fairly, why do I have to ask that my value be  measured in the same scale as the next person? Seems I am always talking but is anyone listening? It's a tough conversation to continue to have with my very feisty daughter but if need be than we will continue to do what we must to remain educated and informed so that we can better protect ourselves moving forward.

I was denied health insurance again when I applied in early January, lady said I grossed too much and would only qualify for full out of pocket. News flash lady...I can't afford that. My daughter applied and she qualified for a reduced fee which we were so excited about only to last week when she got sick and went to doctor's office she was informed her insurance had been denied. When she called for information she was told she had been dropped.

A twenty one year old that works part time goes to school full time has no existing issues, no children etc...can't get HEALTH INSURANCE. Her mother who works full time, who pays for her college tuition, pays all her taxes, has no pre existing issues and was born in the USA can't afford to get insurance. Who doesn't see a problem? 

The media wants to keep pushing the label Obama care lets be clear it is actually called The Affordable Care Act and the only reason we keep hearing Obamas name is because they want to distract us from connecting the dots to all the opposition and blame a man who has worked with his hands tied from the beginning. Now this new dude wants to come in and with his crew of racists and chauvinistic buddies they want to change systems that have been in place that at least   have been a reasonable alternative to many, Planned Parenthood programs etc...

I have been using Planned Parenthood since I was nineteen years old. That was the first place I turned to when I became an adult and was no longer under my mother's care. They assisted me wth affordable care and services and I have always been grateful to have a place to turn to when other systems failed me. For the past eighteen or so years I have been without any health coverage and through PP I have been able to get yearly Gyn exams and Mammogram referrals.

Now that my own daughter is without any coverage this will be the place she turns too as well or will she? Do you think Ivanka Trump worries about any of these things? Or better yet I wonder if she gets paid less than her brothers? Do you think any of these people who are now in office making decisions for you have a wife, sister, mother or daughter who worries about not being able to schedule a Doctor's appointment?

As a parent I worry about my daughter's health. When she was a child and I could control the doctor visits I felt safe in the knowledge I was doing the best I could, now that she is considered an adult I have to help her be and stay informed and be her own best advocate. I must make time to speak with her about health issues and coverage and women's rights. We must band together to protect ourselves, each other and all women. 

Ladies its time to really stick together no matter where you live or your life experience. Let us not be divided by where and how we grew up, let's band together and fight for what is right across the board. Join support groups, send letters to the powers that be, share stories with friends and in your own Social Media. Closed mouths don't get feed so spread the word.

My daughter could be your daughter, I could be your sister. Let's help one another live our best lives. Let's show this new administration that it is not just a one day march or a weekend activity that it is a daily choice to do what is right for humanity across the board.

What are your thoughts? How has January 2017 changed your life and the life of your family? Share your thoughts.

Always stress free xo,



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