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Strong women bring about change, here's what they do.

Strong women bring about change, here's what they do.

Happy Sunday! I've been following along with all the activities that took place yesterday in regards to marches held by women all over the country. So many powerful speeches and shares so many voices that will no longer remain silent in a culture that breeds punishment and exclusion.

It is extremely sad to be living in a time where progress seems non-existent. To turn on the television and watch a family be torn apart as their father is taken away due to Immigration issues, biases, and pure hate. It is sickening to read daily stories of women being sexually assaulted and find comments that still try to make light of the issues. To read about a Porn Star and her relationship to the President of the United States and all he finds time for belittling other countries.

I believe that the First year of this presidency has by far woken MANY people up. Those that thought they were finally going to do away with anyone or anything that was not part of their agenda. People who didn't look like them, laws that they felt were too soft, policies that didn't line their pockets, but they didn't count on one thing...Women. They didn't see that last straw fall that broke the camel's back. 

Women. Women of Color especially, women who have always had to fight just to get close to a level field. Women who have had to stand back and watch their communities destroyed by laws that take away their men and leave them to fend for themselves. Women who have to pick up the pieces when everything gets broken. Whether it's a country, a village, a state, a town women always have to find a way to rebuild.

Be it rape, assault, verbal abuse, negative labels placed on behavior or lower wages Women always have to find a way to fight back. It could take years, months or days but it has to get done and it has been done. Women, we don't fight because of greed or ego we fight out of compassion and justice.

Now after so many years of people standing by and watching things just happen because it didn't affect them, after years of not wanting to get involved, after years of perhaps feeling powerless to help even if they wanted to, Women all Women have joined in the fight for justice. Now eyes are finally opening up realizing that what affects one affects all. Realizing that in this country there is a circle of repetition a circle with an agenda that changes depending on what is on the table at the time.

I saw this video with Philip Mudd a CNN Analyst it pretty much sums it up when it comes to Immigration. This country was built by Immigrants. The labor those who felt they were "better" than didn't want to do they passed it on to another who they felt was less than. Those who were less then seem to be better now and have somehow continued the abuse.

Then I saw this clip with Viola Davis and to think about Breathing Free is extremely powerful.

We have lost our way, humanity is broken, me me me is most relevant but Women are making small changes every day to redirect those crossed wires. To begin the process, to bring Awareness, to speak their truths and the truths of others, to force the secrets to come to light. Women are making a difference, men and society beware.

Whoever wishes to continue to abuse, whoever wishes to continue to take advantage of the less fortunate, whoever wishes to cause a divide you have been warned...Women will make you face the truth by any means necessary. You may silence some but not all and some may fall to the pressures and fears but most understand and have lived through enough to accept that good comes at the expense of many trials. Women, we are ready.

If you want to make a difference and marching is not an option you wish to take part of there are many other ways.

- Of course, there is Always donating to organizations dealing with women's rights.

- Set an example, don't laugh at inappropriate comments, don't support stores with biases on gender and race, talk with your kids and family. Address issues as they come up.

-Start locally by signing and setting up petitions. 

-Volunteer in women's organizations, mentor young girls, become a sponsor for a family in need etc...

There are many ways to make a change. Just pressing a like or share button is not one of them but it can become a start of one. Equality is not a privilege, it is not about who is worthy or about luck it is a Right.

Share your thoughts. What do you think about this first year with number 45 and what do you think about the issues you see every day? Do you think speaking out helps or hinders? Do you feel certain people deserve better treatment than others? How have you been affected by these issues? I would love to hear your journey.

Always stress-free xo,


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