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The Greatest Love I know

The Greatest Love I know

Happy 22nd Birth Day to my daughter, the Love of my life.

It also happens to be Easter, so Happy Easter everyone. It doesn't happen often but Lil Mama was born on Easter Sunday so today is extra special. I don't want to go into a long winded post going down memory lane but I do want to express my love for her and in doing so perhaps ignite that same profound love in someone else.

Our children are a blessing and they did not ask to be born. They come through us to become something great themselves and it is never fair for us to stifle or put out their spark. It is not for them to carry our burdens, shortcomings or hangups. It is not for them to fulfill a dream that you were just too afraid to go after. Our children are individuals, precious Gems all on their own.

I am never short on reminders of just how blessed I am to have been chosen as my daughter's mother. I know it was with the purpose of fueling that never ending desire to be greater than the day before. That is just the type of young woman my daughter is and has always been. Never settling, always questioning, always testing and always spreading her wings. And I am very much aware that what she has required can't fully be given if you yourself haven't experienced being caged.

The Greatest Love I know reflects in our connection. Shines through her eyes and sings through her laughter. It fills any room she walks into and brings a smile to a cloudy day. The Greatest Love I know takes alot of time, effort and dedication. It requires intention and mindfulness and a willingness to become the student and the child, the Teacher.

We can all enjoy the fruits of this Great Love, but the question is are you willing to put the time into planting the seeds that will bare such a great fruit?

I love you Sunshine, yesterday, today and tommorow. 

Always stress-free xo,


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