Ease into some Yoga time

Hey doll, I appreciate you stopping by this page. Yoga has been and continues to be a huge part of my life. My practice went from once a week several years ago to several times a week currently today. I am always looking for new ways to refresh my practice but I am also mindful of remaining kind to myself in those moments I don't feel up for much. In this section I will share with you some of my basic routines. I will also share some videos and other Yoga goodies I get myself into, enjoy xo

Love my at home practices with Yoga with Adriene check her out on You Tube she offers amazing online classes for FREE! This is a Rooting Chakra Practice. I thought it would be an awesome start to our Autumn season. Rooting ourselves so we end our year on a strong foundation and using this season to shed that which no longer serves us.We must trust ourselves in our journey called life. We must make Self-Care and Mental Health a priority.  That 's what Mommywood is all about. Hope you get into something comfy and give it a try and perhaps even join me on my mat xo!